In today's ever changing world of production methods, a flexible approach to crewing is vital. I regularly work with a small number of excellent freelance production technicians so recommendations on appropriate crewing levels and personnel is something I can advise on.

With so many formats available to film and programme makers today, it's hardly surprising that the most difficult decision is choosing the right production gear. As a self equipped freelance operator I am always conscious of providing a client led comprehensive service at a competitive price. Client demand has determined that for high definition (HD) production I offer a choice of Camera Channel: HDCam & HD DVCPro. For standard definition (SD) I am equipped with Digital Betacam. In addition to client preference, these formats offer versatility, reliability, image quality. Other production formats for HD such as RED are available on request. In addition I can also provide a full range of camera support equipment including Lighting & Grips gear to order.

I live to work and I work to live! In this regard my production rates reflect my experience and commitment to the assignment in hand. I pride myself on a flexible approach to production needs and budgets. My cost structure is based on professional rates but always packaged in a way that is attractive to clients. It's something I take great pride in. So I am always ready to give a cost quotation on any production big or small, home or abroad. So take that fist step and make the call. Find out for yourself. You'll be delighted you did!